About Us

Message from the Chairman

Since its inception in 2003, TAQA has evolved to become a leading regional provider of services to the industrial and energy sectors, deploying talent and technology to diversify our offerings and achieve sustainable development for our country . TAQA’s DNA lies at agility and adaptability. We persistently pursue new ways to go forward to befit the world of today and tomorrow.

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our mission

To provide leading products and solutions to the energy industry, enabling performance and sustainable business for our customers.

our vision

To be among the top three oilfield services companies in the region by 2020.

Our guiding principles

TAQA has been built with a firm belief in openness, personal responsibility, integrity and innovation

  • Openness – Consistently transparent through clear and concise communications with all stakeholders

  • Personal responsibility – cohesive teams, shared ownership and a meritocratic culture

  • Integrity – fair, frank and honest with all stakeholders, both internal and external, at all times

  • Innovation – belief in the importance of research, development and the adoption of new technologies and methodologies.


Board of Directors

The role of the Board of Directors is to provide an umbrella for the company to operate in and to ensure that the decisions and actions taken by its management are reviewed and held to the mirror. The Board members come from a variety of backgrounds, which relate directly to the various functions of the company. The Board of Directors’ key drive is to ensure the company’s prosperity by collectively overseeing the company’s affairs, whilst striving to meet the expectations of its shareholders and stakeholders.

Executive team

At TAQA We are fortunate to have assembled the best leadership team in the industry who together bring years of experience in managing key businesses in the region and strategizing successful business models.

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TAQA is a joint stock company partially owned by public institutions, in addition to a number of Saudi Arabian joint stock companies and prominent individual investors. It has majority stakes and oversees the management of a number of fast-growing, highly successful and innovative businesses, with a remit to support and expand Saudi Arabia’s industrial base and local manufacturing capabilities.

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